Full Color Laminated Business Cards

Your custom designed business card is your ultimate marketing tool! Make the best impression you can...

Full color laminated business cards

Limited spots available

Get the full impact of 2000 double sided gloss laminated full color business cards for only $69.00/1000.
(Minimum order: 2000 cards)

Next press run scheduled for:
January 17th, 2006

full color laminated business cards

Get the full impact of 6000 double sided gloss laminated full color business cards for only $199.00


FREE* Graphic Design for your cards!

Order 2000 Business Cards and we'll throw in the design of the cards for FREE! *

(certain conditions apply, see below)

Why settle for boring and unattractive business cards when you can have vibrant, laminated full color business cards (gloss or satin, silk finish) for practically the same price with UVM Design?

Your full color laminated business card is the easiest and most versatile way for your company to generate more business and referrals than any other form of advertising. We like to think of a business card as the "handshake you leave behind".

UVM Design can create full color custom graphics for your color laminated business cards (or color postcards), print them and ship them to you anywhere in the world.

Our service is reliable, efficient and guaranteed.� Order our free samples today to evaluate our products' quality. Let UVM Design.com create an impression for your business that is remembered.

Promote your business and website using laminated business cards:

    Business Cards (full color, gloss laminated)
    Business Cards (full color, satin, silky laminated)
    Business Cards (full color, non laminated)

    Laminated Web Cards (with gloss or satin, mat finish)
    VIP Cards
    Teaser Cards

    Full Color Postcards
    Club and Event Flyers
    Party Invitations
    Greeting Cards
    Customer Loyalty Cards
    Mini Calendars

    and much more

Add to your arsenal of promotional marketing tools. Our high quality laminated business cards will surely impress you. Click here to contact one of our representatives today.

A value of $138.00. Order must be placed before January 17th, 2006 and is applicable only on the 2000 run orders. In order to be eligible for the free graphic design of your laminated business card, UVM Design will place a small signature on the back of your business card (ie. Printed by UVM Design.com 1-866-390-3366). If you request for UVM Design to design your laminated business cards without the signature file on your card, then design fees of $45.00 US will be applicable.
full color laminated business cards
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